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Depending on what your cleaning needs are, you’ll need to decide on the type of pressure washer you’ll be using.


The two main types of pressure washers are hot water (HW) pressure washers and cold water (CW) pressure washers. HW pressure washers are best for cleaning up oil and grease from a surface or for when you need a deep cleanse to eradicate germs from any given space (like a bathroom). CW pressure washers are ideal for residential uses like cleaning your car, house, or boat.


Hot Water Pressure Washers


HW pressure washers are used mostly by contractors and professionals, and have several advantages over CW pressure washers.


  • The hot water loosens oils and greases more efficiently, which helps the water pressure push those particles away.
  • HW pressure washers are able to reach temperatures upward of 311 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes cleaning more thorough and efficient.
  • The hot water in HW pressure washers kills bacteria, germs, and mold more effectively than the use of solely cold water and soap.


Cold Water Pressure Washers


CW pressure washers are the most used and requested between the two types of pressure washers. They’re usually manufactured for consumer use, but professional-grade CW power washers are available on the market.


There are two types of cold water pressure washers— electric engine and gas-powered.


Electric CW pressure washers are great for a multitude of outdoor and indoor applications, especially on fragile surfaces like windows or painted surfaces.


Gas-powered CW pressure washers are portable and can be used away from electrical outlets, but are loud and prone to expelling exhaust fumes. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications— since noise, fumes, and outlet availability aren’t really substantial problems in that respect.