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Preparing a living space for inspection can be mandatory before moving out, or an essential part of preparing for a new tenant. Cleaning is the most laborious and time consuming part of the preparation process, and should be completed promptly. Here’s how pressure washing service can assist in preparing surfaces and ease the stress of a change of scenery for tenants and building owners alike.


Why pressure wash?


Pressure washing expedites the process of preparing the home. Cleaning surfaces becomes much quicker and precise, while the detail remains to pristine standard.

Although it may seem handwashing is more detail-oriented, pressure washing is even more precise. Also, the amount of time spent for handwashing an area is significantly longer than pressure washing.


Quality difference


Cleanliness, visual appearance, and atmosphere of the building goes a long way in the decision process, which is why pressure washing can help a great deal.

This changes perspective for both tenants and building owners. Tenants looking to change locations can rest easily knowing they won’t be charged for extra cleaning costs. Also, with improved quality of preparation, more future tenants will be sure to return.

Although pressure washing can be done yourself, it’s advised to seek out professional assistance. This saves you time, allows the job to completed to professional standard, and allows you to focus on other portions of the inspection.


What surfaces can I have pressure washed?

Most sturdy surfaces are able to be pressure washed with ease, while some more delicate surfaces require lower force cleaning. Patios, house siding, apartment balconies, and other similar surfaces are ideal for pressure washing. Alternatively, windows and other similar surfaces are recommended to be washed with less force.


How to get started today


Consult our services page and learn more about which surfaces we’ve worked with in the past. See how we can help your apartment inspection process pass with ease.