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Power and pressure washing are fast and effective methods of cleaning hard surfaces around your home. You might hear some people talking about “power washing,” while others say, “pressure washing.” – Is there a difference?

Let’s unpack the specifics of these two techniques to discover the answer.

The primary difference between using a pressure or power washer – is the heat. The jet wash feature in a power washer features a water heater that turns up the water’s working temperature, making it easier to lift tough stains from any surface.

A pressure washer doesn’t heat the water, but both power and pressure washers are compatible with cleaning chemicals.

With a power washer, the heated water helps remove hard stains in seconds, where you won’t get the same results with a pressure washer. Power washers effectively remove mold, mildew, grease, grime, and other tough cleaning tasks.

Therefore, the power washer is the more heavy-duty machine, offering you a wider range of applications around the home and workshop. Power washing has a gentle effect compared to pressure washing, operating at lower pressures. As a result, there is less risk of damage to hardscapes around the home. It’s a better choice for your cleaning duties, offering efficient and effective cleaning.