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Pressure washing is an efficient way to get rid of grime in any given space. On top of that, it’s so much more thorough than say, a mop and bucket, or even a garden hose.


However, did you know that there are many types of pressure washers out there? They all fall under two main types— hot water and cold water, with cold water being further divided into two subtypes, gas and electric.


Hot Water Pressure Washers


Contractors and professionals utlize hot water pressure washers the most. These machines are awesome for clearing up difficult oil and grease stains from all kinds of surfaces.


HW pressure washers can heat up to more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, they are the most effective at kill bacteria, germs, and mold (relative to the use of soap and water). Not only that, the hot water evaporates very quickly after use, making drying times shorter.


Cold Water Pressure Washers


Cold water (CW) pressure washers are generally the most popular type of pressure washer. Typically, they’re manufactured largely for consumer use. They come as either gas or electric-powered models.


Gas-Powered Pressure Washers


Considering that these machines are powered by gas, they emit quite a bit of exhaust and pollution. Gas-powered washers are reserved for outdoor use for this reason (and because of their portability).


Electric-Powered Pressure Washers


These machines don’t make as much noise and are generally more eco-friendly. With that being said, their power is only as high as whatever the electrical outlet’s output is in which they’re plugged into.


Despite this, electric washers are great for many kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces, and especially on fragile surfaces such as vehicles or windows.