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Pressure washing is a fantastic option in order to expedite cleaning your home, driveway, patio, etc. Here are a few key tips to get your house looking good as new.


What does pressure washing do?


Pressure washing is a highly effective route to get dirt and grime out of a tough surface. This can be paneling on a home that has tight cracks, or a patio area that just survived summer activities.


Why not wash by hand?

Washing by hand is extremely time consuming. A project that would take one afternoon with pressure washing could take a couple of days by hand. This does depend on the project, and some may prefer to take the time to hand wash.


Unless it’s a project for fun, then pressure washing is a much more efficient method for most projects.


Can pressure washing damage my surface?


Pressure washing will not damage most surfaces if applied correctly. There are a few exceptions, like windows, gutters, etc., which should be washed by hand to avoid damage. Less delicate surfaces, however, like a driveway, patio, outdoor furniture, or home siding, have highly effective results.


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